On a lonely evening
Time came silent 
on little cat feet
to the doorsteps of my artist studio .

Peeping inside 
With its three faces –past, present and future
Where eternity was written on every forehead
Time asked me politely
“May I come in?”

Engrossed in the act of painting
I simply nodded my head and said
“yes please”.

Entering inside my studio
Time stood still in a corner .

Hesitantly I asked
with a fear of sounding like a creep
“ will you mind standing still for a while 
To serve as a still-life subject for my canvas ? ”

Swaying both the hands of
Light and darkness 
Time moved a little away
Throwing a silent enigmatic smile at me .

Mixing my colors on a brocken porcelain 
I asked Time 
To give me the emerald green of the fresh leaves.

As Time was busy in preparing flowers
for the fore coming spring 
It gave me the brown shade 
of the fallen leaves of the autumn.

As usual
My painting was half done and abandoned. But still
My painting keeps on growing
In the rags I use to wipe away the colors
From my brushes.